Is Keto better than other diets? Or better yet, is bacon 🥓 healthier than rice 🍚?

I love ❤️ the tastes of bacon 🥓 but If you think that bacon is healthier than rice 🍚 then you are most likely misinformed or misguided about Keto diet.

Keto diet has been around since the 20’s. Initially, it was used by doctors to treat children’s 👶 epilepsy. It helped minimize their seizures but was then abandoned by doctors due to the existence of anti-convulsant drugs.

So what is Keto? It’s a high fat, moderate protein and almost no carbs 😩 (I ❤️ carbs). By almost completely eliminating carbs, the body start using fat as ⛽️ . The liver then start producing ketones and convert fat as the primary energy source. Dieters that practices Keto will experience the state of “Ketosis”. The dieter will have a distinctive smell in their breath. The smell is similar to a nail polish remover. 😷

In the last several years, Keto has emerged again as a popular dieting protocol. Why? Because people are always looking for that “magic pill”. Ain’t no difference from the Weight Watchers diet in the 70’s, Jenny Craig and liquid diet in the late 80’s (ask Oprah – she was on it), low fat diet craze in the 90’s, Jennifer Aniston Zone Diet, Low Sugar Diet, Jared “The now in jail Subway guy” Diet, The South Beach Diet and Atkins Diet in early 2000’s, Cleanse, Raw Food, Nutrisystem, Replacement shakes, Weight Watchers, Pescatarian, Vegetarian 🌱, Vegan 🌱, Intermittent Fasting, If It Fit Your Macros (Macro and Calorie Counting) and the lists keep adding.

I’m not anti-Keto and I know a lot of people had great results from following the diet. But, it’s not any better than other diets. What’s important is to follow a diet that you can see yourself as part of your lifestyle.

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