Want to burn 260kcal in 12 minutes?

Kettle Bell swings is a great way to burn calories in a short amount of time. It’s a complete body exercise that also improve your hip hinge movement.



Stand behind kettlebell with feet slightly wider apart than shoulder width. Bend over at hip with knees bent and back straight. Extend arms downward and grasp kettlebell handle with both hands using overhand grip. Lift kettlebell off of floor and pull forearms against inner thighs while keeping hips and knees bent with low back taut.


Drive hips forward, torso upright, and knees straight so kettlebell is pushed forward and upward. Allow kettlebell to swing back down. As kettlebell approaches lower position, fold at hips while bending knees. Forearms make contact with inner thighs permitting kettlebell to swing back under hips. Immediately repeat movement and continue to swing kettlebell. Maintain shoulder to eye level height swings.


Swing kettlebell back down between legs. Allow kettlebell to swing forward but do not extend hips and knees (as would be required to continue the swing). Slow kettlebell’s swing and place on floor in original deadlift posture.

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