Eating healthy doesn’t mean it’s good nutrition!

When people say, “they are eating healthy” it’s really something they conjure inside their head. Just because you eat chicken 🍗, rice 🍚 and broccoli 🥦 does not mean it’s good nutrition. For example, when I’m prepping for a bodybuilding competition, I eat healthy all the time. But I’m in a caloric deficit (controlled starvation). My energy is low, tired 😓, hangry (hungry and angry 😠), my testosterone level is equivalent to a 75 year old man. By any means this is good nutrition. My goal was just to get my body fat % to as low as possible so my body can look like a human anatomy cadaver. This is purely aesthetics. Not good nutrition at all

Good nutrition is about making you feel better overall. Does the foods you eat gives you more energy, better digestion, doesn’t cause inflammation, lower your cholesterol level, control your blood sugar, etc, etc. There are so many factors you have to consider when it comes to good nutrition. It’s not just about eating healthy.

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